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528 Debts of all descriptions to be admitted to proof
529 Application of insolvency rules in winding up of insolvent companies
530 Preferential payments
531 Fraudulent preference
531A Avoidance of voluntary transfer
532 Transfers for benefit of all creditors to be void
533 Liabilities and rights of certain fraudulently preferred persons
534 Effect of floating charge
535 Disclaimer of onerous property in case of a company which is being wound up
536 Avoidance of transfers etc after commencement of winding up
537 Avoidance of certain attachments, executions etc in winding up by Tribunal
538 Offences by officers of companies in liquidation
539 Penalty for falsification of books
540 Penalty for frauds by officers
541 Liability where proper accounts not kept
542 Liability for fraudulent conduct of business
543 Power of court to assess damages against delinquent directors etc
544 Liability under sections 542 and 543 to extend to partners or directors in firm or company
545 Prosecution of delinquent officers and members of company
546 Liquidator to exercise certain powers subject to sanction
547 Notification that a company is in liquidation
548 Books and papers of company to be evidence
549 Inspection of books and papers by creditors and contributories
550 Disposal of books and papers of company
551 Information as to pending liquidations
552 Official liquidator to make payments into the public account of india
553 Voluntary liquidator to make payments into scheduled bank
554 Liquidator not to pay moneys into private banking account
555 Unpaid dividends and undistributed assets to be paid into the companies liquidation account
556 Enforcement of duty of liquidator to make returns, etc
557 Meetings to ascertain wishes of creditors or contributories
558 Court or person before whom affidavit may be sworn
559 Power of court to declare dissolution of company void
560 Power of registrar to strike defunct company off register
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