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Assurance Due-Diligence

Assurance  &  Due-Diligence


Accurate information is crucial for business decisions and business leaders need assurances beyond that provided by financial statement audits.

Deciding which risks to take is a challenging task. It can be even more difficult if you're concerned about systems or processes that are inaccurate, ambiguous or even unknown. Without the necessary assurances, you can't be sure you have the right level of governance and risk management.

Turn to us for deal advice on managing risks, taking advantage of opportunities and achieving your desired business results.


In today's financial climate, there is a premium on robust financial analysis when carrying out business deals - error margins are thinner and investors and lenders do not look lightly upon poor decision-making and execution. Under these circumstances, financial due diligence and timely professional advice enhance the quality of decisions buyers and sellers must take.

We offer financial due diligence services - both from a buy side financial and a vendor due diligence perspective - to help you realise the results you and your stakeholders' desire. We do so with a forward-thinking approach to deal planning, execution and integration.

The concept of our financial due diligence process is a detailed and systematic analysis of data from the target company in order to obtain an overall picture of the company in connection with the corporate deal. In particular, we put an emphasis on identification and assessment of risks and opportunities when looking at assets, liabilities, financial position and results of the target company.

Our assurance service will help your business mitigate risk and capitalise on new opportunities. We take a rigorous approach to the areas of your business that can be difficult to quantify or measure. We deal with complex situations and provide assurance where there is uncertainty.

Specialized Monitoring of Large Borrower Accounts

In recent years, instances of financial fraud have regularly been reported in India. Although banking frauds in India have often been treated as cost of doing business, post liberalization the frequency, complexity and cost of banking frauds have increased manifold resulting in a very serious cause of concern for the Reserve Bank of India.

In addition, there has been a rising trend of NPAs, especially for PSBs, thereby severely impacting their profitability. Initial investigation by RBI has revealed the reason of increasing NPAs, being the deficiencies in existing monitoring mechanism to plug diversion and frauds.

We are empanelled as an Agency for Specialized Monitoring (ASM) with the IBA providing monitoring services of large corporate borrowers on behalf of banks and other financial institutions.

Transaction Review Audit

Forensic Audits entail an art of deriving at measurable results with conclusive evidences. Through our experience in the field of Forensic Audits, the firms Conclusive Forensic Audit Reports have been instrumental in the Court of Law besides innumerable out of court settlements.

We are a premier Forensic Audit & Investigation agency in India, being on board with the most reputed regulators in India such as IBA, CBI, NSE, C&AG, RBI etc. apart from numerous banks, insurance agencies, and other Investigative Agencies.

The Firm is well reputed with an unblemished track record and has been the trusted professional for MNCs, Large Corporates, Family Organizations and various other entities. The Firm is capable of handling assignments of multi geographic, multi-platform organizations.

The business environment of today (and tomorrow) requires a new focus on compliance and operations. Internal audit departments are now expected to oversee the company's risk management, corporate governance and business improvement processes. With limited resources and increasing risks, management is understandably concerned about how to meet all of these pressing needs.

Our professionals work with small, middle-market and large companies to serve as or supplement their existing internal audit staff.

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