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Insolvency & Restructuring

Insolvency  &  Restructuring

Insolvency Professional

Our Insolvency Professionals assist corporates, partnerships, individuals, lenders, operational creditors, and other stakeholders to control the financial viability of insolvent entities. Transfer of management under CIRP presents challenges and requires comprehensive multidisciplinary abilities for takeover of management including financial, legal, managerial skills and sectoral expertise. Our professionals possess leadership skills to ensure stability in operations and assist in overcoming criticalities involved during transitions by formulating effective strategies. The team analyse the commercial realities and formulate relevant strategies to transform the business environment to restructure, revive, turnaround, or sell-off such entities.

Liquidation Process

In case of non-viability, liquidation of insolvent Corporate Debtors is required to recover dues of lenders and other stakeholders. The team has an expertise in conducting liquidation of such Corporate Debtors to recover funds from sale of tangible and intangible assets expeditiously. The team identifies assets belonging to the Corporate Entities, guarantors, etc. and implements realization strategies, initiates recovery measures, and allocates funds for distribution amongst creditors and other stakeholders. The team also ensures timely compliance to regulations and creation of appropriate documents.

Debt Acquisition Advisory

Our Transition Management services provide comprehensive handholding support required by Distressed Debt Investors for stepping into the shoes of Banks and Financial Institutions, including transition of loan and security documents and substitution in all legal proceedings to enable a head on resolution start for the investors.

Restructuring Advisory

Working collaboratively with management, we utilize the resources in our network of lenders, investors and industry veteran to provide clients with the right team of professionals to meet any restructuring advisory challenges. Our restructuring advisory services include identifying, developing, and implementing strategic operational and financial improvement initiatives that significantly reduce costs and increase revenues. Potential areas to apply corporate restructuring strategies include crisis management, communications programs, bankruptcy advisory, and performance improvement.

OTS Advisory

We assist our clients in the process of changing the terms on the assets and / or liabilities of a company i.e. a company may consolidate its debts, significantly change the size and scope of its operations, and take other measures to reduce the strain of continuing operation. We also assist our clients with OTS (One Time Settlement) which is an opportunity for troubled borrowers to avoid delays on existing debt, hassles from notices and seizures from banks.

Resolution Plan Advisory

Our team comprises of professionals with rich experience in the field of stressed assets and debt restructuring. The team specializes in formulating Resolution Plans in compliance with the IBBI regulations on behalf of Resolution Applicants.

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